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Branding - build a strong, consistent brand across your entire online presence. Create brand guidelines to ensure your content is instantly recognisable.

Choosing the Right Platforms - from Instagram to LinkedIn, it's important to know the demographics of each platform before taking the plunge and adding it into your digital strategy. I can help you know where best to target the age groups and industries your business is most engaged with.

Content Creation for Social Media - tips, tricks and apps to help you create engaging, effective content for your social media platforms.

Targeting - whether you have a global presence or you are a small local business, the targeting available through Facebook and Instagram is INCREDIBLE, and truly has the power to transform your brand.

Facebook Advertising - create highly targeted ads to capture a brand new audience for your business. Learn how to create ads, set an effective budget, monitor your ads and understand your Facebook analytics.

Video Editing - learn the basics of video editing to help create your own video content for your website and social media.

Scheduling - hectic schedule? I'll show you the best ways to schedule your content ahead of time to make sure that even on your busiest weeks, your social platforms aren't neglected!

Instagram - still not sure how Insta Stories work, or if you should be using them for your business? I can show you how to make the most of this ever growing visual platform.

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